AISI: October 5, 2010

  • Getting acquainted with teams and community and acclimated to the new learning environment.
  • Building trust and laying the foundation for relationship building and creating a sense of belonging.

1. 9:00 - 10:15 ~ Goals, Welcome, Welcome new members
  • Critical Friends Team Building
    • Part 1 (Individual): 10 minutes - personal reflection on questions provided:
      • List 2 things you are most excited about as an AISI leader this year?
      • List 2 elements for successful implementation of your AISI project?
      • How can your critical friend's team support each other throughout the year?

    • Part 2 (Critical Friend's Discussion):
      • Discuss your thoughts on the above questions as a group
      • Record group thoughts on the following document (please note, there are 2 additional tasks on the document):
      • Group sharing

2. BREAK ~ 10:15-10:30

3. 10:30 - 11:15 ~ Revisit Roles of AISI Leaders
  • Review Joellen Killion's research on teacher leaders
  • On your own - using the Diamond 9 Notebook - rank the roles from most to least important (download Diamond 9 on your laptop.
  • Using the notebook file attached, rank the roles as a group from most to least important using the criteria provided (Instructions on Notebook file)
  • Large group debrief - top 3 (Magic Hat)

4. 11:15 - 12:00 ~AISI Provincial Annual Report (APAR)

~ Reflection: Looking at the data in your

Part 1 (Individual): Determine what your data tells you ~ what are the big learnings from this data?
[Elevator Speech]
a.What does your APAR data tell you in terms of student learning and engagment? (successes and gaps)
b.What have you learned from your APAR teacher data? (successes and gaps)
c.What have you learned from your APAR parent data? (successes and gaps)
d.What are the implications of these learnings (student, teacher, parent) for your 2010-2011 AISI plans?

Part 2 (Critical Friends Discussion): Using this data to share and plan with your staff:
a. What process will you use to share this data with your staff (and other stakeholders)?
  • Create a plan to share with your AISI team (other AISI leaders and admin). Be able to speak to:
    • why this data should be shared?
    • how the data can be shared?
    • what data you want to share?
    • with whom will you share this data?

b. Debrief

c. School Discussion & Critical Friends
What successes do you hope for or already experiencing?
What challenges do you anticipate or are already experiencing?
How might you address and overcome these challenges?

d. Send AISI annual report to Lissa by the end of the week
Caribbean A
Caribbean A
Caribbean B
Caribbean B

Wrap Up
To Do before next AISI meeting:
  • Conversation with stakeholders around AISI report
  • Elevator Speech: provide an overview of your AISI project on your school's wiki page.
  • Link Annual Report to your school's AISI page - If you are not sure how to do this, click on the link below to watch a short video on how to upload a document on the wiki (right click to select: Zoom, Full screen view)
  • Begin building your online critical friend's community: pose a question around your AISI work in YOUR discussion board, each of your critical friend's SCHOOLS will respond.