AISI November 23, 2010

Essential Questions

1. How will education be different tomorrow because of our learning today?

2. How will you contextualize and mobilize what you learn?

3. How will you participate as a skillful group member to increase team effectiveness?


1. To increase team effectiveness.

2. To begin a dialogue around Inspiring Action.

3. To explore the connection between the levels of thinking and the strategies and tools used in the classroom.


9:00 - 10:00 Team Building

Today's **Chatzy**

Chat Pack

  • Select two cards from the envelope on your table
  • Make eye contact with someone across the room
  • With your partner find a spot to sit or stand
  • Partner A - Reads one of their cards and answers the question
  • Partner B - Paraphrases Partner A's response
  • Switch & Repeat until all cards have been answered

Once complete - What did you notice about your partner's reaction to your paraphrase.

Critical Friends Discussion

  • Hot Potato Response
    • Number yourselves off
    • Each person will get one minute to talk (When the timer goes off the next person immediately starts). NO ONE ELSE speaks during this time
    • Focus on the following questions
    • What have you done since our last AISI meeting?
      • What resulted from sharing your APAR data with the staff?
      • Was your online discussion helpful? Why or why not?
    • What are your AISI goals between now and our January meeting?
    • What have you learned since our October meeting?

Critical Friends Norms

News n' Notes:

10:00 - 10:15 - Break

10:15 - 12:10 Inspiring Action on Education

Overview of Document

Framework for New Education Legislation & Guiding Statements

Step 1: Background Information on Inspiring Action - First Word, Last Word

  • On your Own
    • Read pages 5 to 8
    • highlight words, sentences, phrases that stand out for you personally

  • With your group:
    • Number yourselves off 1 to ... (around your table)
    • Choose one person to be the Blurt Patrolman (this person ensures there is no cross talking within the group)
    • Person #1 - shares one of his or her highlighted items, BUT DOES NOT comment on it
    • Person #2 - find the item, makes a brief comment around what person 1shared
    • Person #3 - follows person #2 sharing their brief insights around Person #1's highlight
    • Repeat the process until you are back to Person #1
    • Person #1 - gets the LAST word
    • Repeat process, starting with Person #2 sharing one of his or her highlighted items, BUT DOES NOT comment on it
    • After everyone has had a chance to share an item, take 5 minutes to bring up any unexplored items you feel need mentioned.

  • Large Group Debrief - Think of ONE WORD or A PHRASE to describe what you just read, what you feel, what you are thinking after reading and sharing.

Step 2: What do we mean by the term "Competencies?"

  • Clarify your own understanding of competencies

  • As a critical friends group, what are the key ideas around the definition of competencies

Step 3

(A): What do you think the competencies of an Educated Albertan would be?

  • Using what we have learned through AISI the past 5 years, BRAINSTORM a list of the competencies you see important for Albertans in 2020. Record this list on the chart paper provided.
  • Post chart paper near your table - look around room for thoughts from other groups

(B): Comparing our ideas about Competencies with the Province

Pairs Read & Key Phrases:

  • With a partner at your table read pages 9 to11
  • Label yourselves Partner A & Partner B
  • Both read one section
    • Person A paraphrases the first section
  • Both read the next section
    • Person B paraphrases that section
  • Continue this way until middle of page 11

(C): Debrief: With your critical friends group

  • What was similar to your initial thoughts?
  • What was missing from what your table thought?


  • What for you, is the most important point about our work this morning?
    • make eye contact with someone across the room who you haven't worked with today
    • share your thoughts around your important point
    • paraphrase what your partner thought

12:10 - 12:45 Lunch

12:45 - 2:15 Digital Bloom's Taxonomy

Introduction to the new Blooms Taxonomy
Exploring Digital Blooms ****
  • Select a number off the table - this is your group number
  • Go to the following link to find your location for your digital Blooms group
  • Explore a minimum of 2 tools in your level of Blooms new to most members of your group. This list provides examples only, please feel free to choose a tool that is not listed, but fits within your level of blooms.
  • Create "something" for each tool that explains to teachers what this tool does and how it is useful for your level of Blooms (note: we will ask for the links or products you have created to put on the AISI wiki). Use the chosen tool when appropriate - if not appropriate, chose another format to explain.

  • Provide a brief explanation of the tool.
  • How does this tool add value to student learning and understanding?
  • HOW would you use this tool within this level of blooms - illustrative example
  • Would this tool be appropriate for other levels in Booms and if so, how?

2:15 -3:00 - Debrief - Virtual Gallery Walk

- Use handout provided in agenda package
  • split your group in half
  • decide which 3 levels of blooms each will explore
  • Decide which half of the group will remain at your station to explain your tools and which half will start the gallery walk (approximately 15 minutes)
  • switch roles once the first group has explored their three chosen levels of Blooms
  • When complete, share your learnings with your digital blooms group
Return to your Critical Friends table in the boardroom by 3:00

3:00 - 3:15 Wrap Up