Remain in Grade Level Groups

12:45 - 2:30

9. Critically examining teaching and learning:

Your task:

  1. As a grade level group, look through the examples provided.
  2. In your grade level groups evaluate the examples of student learning and teacher instruction.
  3. Use the rubric provided and record your assessment and comments in your google docs. (links are provided below)
  4. Each section of the rubric has "subsections" - when evaluating give one overall grade for the section.

Below are the examples of student learning and teacher intsruction You only need to evaluate the examples from your grade level.
1. Elementary Schools - Please choose 1 of the following links to examine:
- WillowWeb
- Kathy Cassidy Blog

2. Middle Schools - Mr. Speers Classroom

3. High Schools - Please note - there is a video and article for you to examine on the same topic:
- Flipping the Classroom: From Questions to Concepts - video
- Flipping the Classroom - Article -

4. K-12 Schools - please select from the list above (Elementary, Middle, or High School)


10. Return to Crtitical friends groups

You are now the Expert at your table. Your job will be to:

  • summarize the scenario you examined
  • Describe briefly your:
    • insights - what did you learn?
    • oversights - what had you not thought about before that might influence your future direction?
    • hindsights - looking back at the process you just went through, would you use this with your staff, how might you adjust it?

11. Wrap Up - Group Scrabble Board

To do list
· Put norms on the back of team cards
· Fix mixed up team cards