a. Introduction to the new Blooms Taxonomy
b. Digital Blooms: **http://visualblooms.wikispaces.com**
c. Exploring Digital Blooms
      • Select a number off the table - this is your group number
      • Go to the following link to find your location for your digital Blooms group
      • Explore a minimum of 2 tools in your level of Blooms - one must be new to you (or you can introduce a tool you already know that is not listed
        • Create "something" that explains to teachers what this tool does and how it is useful for your level of Blooms (note: we will ask for the links or products you have created to put on the AISI wiki)
          • What is the tool?
          • HOW would you use this tools within this level - illustrative example
          • Would this tool be appropriate for other levels in Booms and if so, how?

2:15 -2:45 - Debrief - Virtual Gallery Walk
- Use handout provided in agenda package